Saturday, 2 June 2012


Watching the changing colours of Uluru at sunset is a gradual yet appreciable change of hues, ochre reds through oranges to light and dark browns. Sometimes the colour change is not fully realised until you take a look back through the photos you have taken during the time you were sipping champagne, watching the rock as the sun slowly dissappears for the day.

There are times where all the planets align and the change in colour of the rock is visually amazing, in fact you can be stunned at the colour change. Oddly enough you need a cloudy afternoon, not just any old cloudy afternoon though.

Ideally a band of cloud low in the western sky leaving just a sliver of skyline above the horizon. As the sun passes behind the cloud you get a false sunset with the rock slowly changing colour, just as you think the rock has assumed its final dark brown colour for the evening and you slowly turn to walk away you realise that nature has tricked the rock, oh yes indeed it sure has.
Suddenly the suns rays burst through below the band of cloud and above the horizon, once again bathing the rock in full sun light. Uluru shrugs off its dark brown night time cape and immediately takes on a vivid golden glow, the change of colour is striking and something to behold. This spectacular sight does not happen often but when it does it will remain an everlasting memory, nature yet again performing it's finest.

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