Friday, 18 May 2012


Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam - the population wakes early so work is done before the heat of the day takes hold. To capture the people of these fascinating countries at their best you will have to be up and about early as well. Experiencing the cities and towns as they slowly come to life is something to behold. Gradually the quiet pre dawn - punctuated by crowing roosters, yes even in the cities, makes way to the gradual hum of traffic and horns, building and building to a frantic pace. 
An early stroll through the local parks has you seeing many people going through their morning exercise rituals exercising both body and mind. In a stark contrast there are thousands of people making their way to work, either hanging out of crowded buses or two, three or four people crammed onto every motorbike. Replace your wake up morning coffee by immersing yourself amongst the traffic with a cyclo ride, an in your face early morning heart starter !

Watching the markets prepare for yet another busy day is a great way to begin your morning -  witness the steady stream and mind boggling variety of vegetables, herbs, meats and fish arriving before dawn ready for sale from first light until sundown. stand back and watch the locals haggle for the freshest and best quality produce to take home and cook for their meals. People usually shop every day at the markets and the range of fresh food on offer would make your local western homogenised supermarket blush with embarrassment.

Try an early start to your day, see Indochina at its best - You can always go back to your hotel for breakfast and a good lie down after the experience.

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