Sunday, 13 May 2012


  •   Standing along side the Colorado river at the base of the Grand Canyon, looking up in dread and exhilaration at the task of taking the steep and narrow winding trail back up to the canyon’s rim…
  •   Negotiating the many locks on a European river cruise.
  •   Sitting down in an unfamiliar restaurant somewhere in the world with eager anticipation to smell and taste the local cuisine.
  •   Taking your seat to watch a match on centre court Wimbledon… Ball boys ready, linesmen ready, players ready - Play
  •   Stumbling on an unexpected and enchanting village or town that tickles your fancy, and as you explore it’s architecture & laneways  you smile knowing that it is so remote that it has not been endlessly featured in guide books or travel brochures.
  •   Taking a group of friends to a country you find fascinating and watching the looks of wonder, amazement  and then beaming smiles overwhelm their faces...exactly as you thought it would.
  •   Flying to a destination within Australia and feeling relieved as you don't have to queue up to go through customs and immigration.
  •   The feeling of being pushed back into your seat as your aircraft begins to roll down the runway for take off.
  •   Seeing lion, elephant, giraffe, zebra and pink flamingo while on safari in the worlds largest natural animal amphitheatre, Ngorongoro crater Tanzania.
  •   Wearing a pith helmet while travelling in a vehicle emblazoned with zebra stripes as you take in the well known sights along with  the  city’s human wildlife, on an Urban Safari around San Francisco. Definitely a city tour with a fun and quirky twist.

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